Homeless Pups Relocated To Colorado

Dogs Displaced By California Wildfires Now Need Homes

There are 66 dogs and puppies who are safe in Colorado this evening after surviving the devastating wildfires that swept through southern California.

The homeless canines arrived in Loveland this week.

They are all in need of new foster homes after a stressful and abrupt relocation.

"They were surrendered by homeowners no longer capable of caring for them. Those homeowners lost their homes in the wildfires and these animals no longer had a home," said Floss Blackburn with the Denkai Animal Sanctuary located in Carr, Colo.

Denkai, along with two animal rescue organizations out of Alaska, coordinated the rescue effort.

All 66 dogs and pups need foster families in Colorado, then possibly permanent homes. Rescuers want them to go to foster families first, so they can monitor how the dogs behave.

"The goal is to have them all out in foster homes within a week," said Blackburn.

"They need time to destress," said Lucy Pribbenow with Muttshack Animal Rescue out of Alaska. Pribbenow helped transport the dogs from California to Colorado.

Their vaccinations are current and they are all fairly healthy. Those were conditions that had to met before the dogs could be transported.

To adopt one of the dogs, call the Denkai Animal Sanctuary at 970-897-3122 or 970-217-1457. Speak to Floss Blackburn, the rescue coordinator. If you'd like to adopt an animal from the Denkai Animal Sanctuary, click here.

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