H&M using 'plus-size' models for swimsuits

BALTIMORE - H&M is making a splash with their recent swimsuit ads featuring plus-size model Jennie Runk.

Runk, who calls herself a plus-size model, is featured in the general swimsuit section, not plus-size. 

H&M is getting kudos for using Runk as a normal model, not just in the plus-size section, WMAR reported.

Some critics have knocked the company for using size 12 mannequins in their retail stores, as opposed to the normal size 4 or 6 mannequins.

Runk was a size 8 when she a modeling scout approached her. Instead of losing weight, she put on about 10 to 20 pounds to become a size 10-12, according to the St Louis Post-Dispatch.

The newspaper said Runk has landed assignments with Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmo Girl and Seventeen magazines and has been in national campaigns for plus-sized boutiques.

The average size of American women is size 12-14.

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