High school students help rescue of victims involved in fiery US-69 crash in Oklahoma

OKTAHA, Okla. - A serious car accident in Oktaha could have been much worse, if it weren't for some brave high school students who ran toward the burning vehicle to help.

The single-car accident happened underneath an overpass along U.S. 69.

A group of six high school students came upon the wreck before emergency crews and they jumped into action.

"We ran up there, I honestly thought, I don't know how anybody could survive that. So we just ran up there and helped them," said Logan Gragg, one of the rescuers.

The car was turned upside down, with flames starting underneath the hood. The boys say they used clothes and bottled water to put out the fire.

"I had a bottle of water in my truck from his house, he gave to me I never drank. And that's what we used to put the fire out," said Levi Hill, another student.

With the help of other people who stopped, they pried open the doors and helped one of the two people trapped exit the car. The other person was pulled out by EMS workers.

OHP says the victims' injuries are not life-threatening. They're looking into the cause of the crash.

The students; Zachary Evans, Bryce Ayers, Levi Hill, Brandon Nicholson, Logan Gragg and Kirk Washington were recognized at Tuesday's school basketball game for their heroic efforts.

They also say they walk away from this with a changed outlook on life.

"I've been driving a year and a half and I've never worn my seatbelt that I can think of. And seeing that yesterday, two things– seeing the grace of God. And a seatbelt can make a difference," said Bryce Ayers, Oktaha High School student.

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