Hermaphrodite Pleads Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity

Storme Shannon Aerison Has Long History In Colorado Springs

A hermaphrodite once accused of impersonating a high school student to join a girls cheerleading squad has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to charges of theft, fraud and jumping bail.

Storme Shannon Aerison, 42, was born as Charles Daugherty, with male and female genitalia but identifies herself as a woman, her attorney said. She entered her plea Monday.

She has been arrested at least three times since 2000 on charges of defrauding a credit union of thousands of dollars, impersonating a model to get others to pay for trips to photo shoots and jumping bail.

Psychiatrists have testified Aerison suffers from dissociative identity disorder, once known as multiple-personality disorder.

A judge said last month Aerison was faking a mental disorder and ruled she is competent to stand trial. Her attorney, Karin Bagn, had asked the judge to reconsider.

Daugherty became national news in the 1990s when the then-26-year-old was arrested after enrolling at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs claiming to be 17, and then joining the all-girl cheerleading squad. At that time, he used the name Cheyen Weatherly.

After two pep rallies, Daughterty was arrested for criminal impersonation and third-degree forgery.

Daugherty later told talk show host Sally Jesse Raphael he had developed multiple personalities after being sexually abused and could cope only by believing he was a female.

After completing probation on a felony impersonation conviction, Daugherty legally changed his name to Storme Shannon Aerison.

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