GPS System Tracks Children

Parents Can Use It To Monitor Children

We’ve all heard of GPS systems for your car, but what about for your kids? There’s a new product on the market that allows parents to track their children throughout the day.

The device is called “Little Buddy.” You can put it in your child’s backpack or lunch box. It sells for $59.

These days, parents like Michelle Sandford have a lot to worry about.

"She could wander off, be abducted, there are so many things that could happen," said Sandford.

That's why the tiny tracking device catches the attention of this mother of two.

"So many things could happen, so it's good to have a little safety device to tote in hand," said Sandford.

With the touch of a few keys, parents can sign up and follow their kids movements on a map. You can even get a street side view. If they wander from a designated area, Mom and Dad will get a text alert or an email.

7News tested the device and found the readings to be pretty accurate, within a block of accuracy.

"It'd kind of make me feel she's with me, she knows what I'm doing and stuff,” said Sianne Sandford, Michelle’s nine year old daughter.