Fort Collins mom thankful for trooper's car seat installation advice

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - A Colorado mom wants to thank the Colorado State Patrol trooper who made sure her car seat was installed correctly.

Cristina Maynarich parked next to the off-duty trooper at the Harbor Freight last month. That's when the trooper noticed the handle on her daughter's car seat was in front of the car seat, instead of pushed all the way back.

"He informed me that this was extremely dangerous in the event of a crash," Maynarich told 7NEWS. "The car seat is designed to recoil in the event of a crash. When the handle is in front of the baby, it will hit the headrest of the seat, which causes the handle to break and can seriously injure the child."

"I was very thankful to him for showing me the proper way for the car seat to be in while driving," Maynarich said,

Maynarich was impressed that the trooper helped her, but is sorry that she didn't get the trooper's name so she could thank him.

While Maynarich's car seat should not have the handle in front, you should check your owner's manual for the proper installation for your car seat.

Find a place to get your car seat installation checked:

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