Elizabeth firefighters rescue two baby goats from culvert

ELIZABETH, Colo. - Two baby goats stuck in a 400-foot culvert were cut free by Elizabeth firefighters Friday.

The goats were about 25 feet into the buried pipe, which was only about 12-inches in diameter. The fire department says they had to dig with picks, shovels, a borrowed Bobcat and a borrowed backhoe to expose the pipe, and then cut through it with a saw and a lockout tool.

"It's hard for firefighters to believe that all their training and expertise would be used to extricate animals, but the fact is, when our community calls for help we feel compelled to respond," Fire Chief TJ Steck said in a statement provided by the department.

After rescuing the one-month old goats, the firefighters were able to pose for a picture with the animals.

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