7th graders at Graland Country Day School raise $3K for Alzheimer's research

AURORA, Colo. - A group of seventh graders is helping fund Alzheimer's Research in Colorado.

The students from Graland Country Day School in Denver recently donated $3,000 to the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

"It is such an inspiration to a scientist that middle-school children realize that Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible national crisis and are willing to put their time and effort into an educational and fund raising event. With that kind of dedication on our side, we can solve this problem,” said Huntington Potter, Ph.D., director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program.

Graland alumna Anna Newman helped organize the fundraising and awareness event for 7th graders at the school. During the event, students displayed a memory box about a special person in their lives, using personalized artifacts to honor their chosen individual, according to the University of Colorado.

Many of the students, including Newman, have family members fighting Alzheimer's.

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