Driver: Stuck gas pedal sent pickup crashing into Silver Bullet Shooting Range in Wheat Ridge

Pickup driver upset over parking space, police say

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - A 70-year-old driver says he accidently crashed into a Wheat Ridge gun range building Wednesday morning when the gas pedal became stuck on his pickup truck.

Police said the wreck happened about 8:05 a.m. at the Silver Bullet Shooting Range at 5901 W. 38th Ave.

The pickup driver, David Kennedy, of Thornton, admits that he got into a shouting match with the driver of a Pepsi delivery truck that was blocking several parking spaces, including his usual spot. Kennedy says he's a longtime friend of the gun range owners and he was dropping by to have coffee with them as he often does. 

"I honked my horn (at the Pepsi truck driver) and he started yelling. I started yelling back at him," Kennedy told 7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost. Then Kennedy decided to park alongside another car.

"I was backing up (and) when I put it in drive, everything just went. It just speeded up like you wouldn’t believe," Kennedy said. "The gas pedal [got] stuck on me. As soon as I touched the accelerator, it just went. It was scary."

Tire burn marks show the pickup took off toward 38th, knocking down a section of wrought-iron fencing and taking out a small tree as it swerved into the street and then circled back into the parking lot where it slammed into the gun range storefront, caving in security bars and a large window.

Kennedy was cited for reckless driving and not having proof of insurance, but investigators are still trying to determine what happened, said Wheat Ridge police spokesman John Romero.

"He gunned it out of there. You can see he went between two fences, hit a tree, came round the corner … lost control and came back into the shooting range where he rammed into it," Romero said. "It’s unclear if he was trying to park aggressively or if he lost control trying to do that."

"It appears this was over simply a parking space," Romero said. "The driver (Kennedy) attempted to pull into a parking space that he usually has, a Pepsi truck was parked in that space. Apparently the driver became irate, and started honking and yelling at the (Pepsi truck) driver.

When Kost asked Kennedy if he intentionally sped off, the man replied, "Heavens no, I wouldn't do that."

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