Roommate of missing Wheat Ridge woman, Annie Meyer, to take private lie-detector test, family says

Melissa Miller won't talk in-person with police

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - The roommate of a missing Wheat Ridge woman is planning to take a private polygraph test to prove she is telling the truth, according to her family.

The parents of Melissa Miller say she couldn't have had any role in the disappearance of 51-year-old Leann "Annie" Meyer, who has been missing more than a month.

"I know my daughter is a good girl, and she hasn't been brought up like that, to harm anybody," said Fred Trounce, Miller's father.

Miller has lived in the basement of Meyer's Wheat Ridge home for about two years.

Miller has retained an attorney and refused to talk to in person with Wheat Ridge police about Meyer's disappearance. The roommate has had some phone conversations with police.

Meyer has not been seen in person since Feb. 7.  Also missing are her two vehicles, a 2009 Silver Toyota Rav4 with the Colorado license plate 975 YUH and a 1995 Silver Toyota pickup with the Colorado license plate 688 DJH.

"The roommate absolutely is someone we would've liked to talk to," said Wheat Ridge Police Cmdr. Dave Pickett. "That's not an option. We're going to have to find out what happened to Leanne Meyer by a different route."

Pickett said Miller's account of Meyer's disappearance has some discrepancies.

Miller told Annie's co-workers on the phone that Annie was sick, but police said she told them, "Annie is not missing, she is with a woman named Cathy."

None of Annie's friends or family has heard of a Cathy. But because police have no evidence a crime was committed, Pickett said their hands are tied when it comes to interviewing Miller.

Miller's father said his daughter has not seen Meyer since Feb. 25, when Meyer was going to dinner with another woman.

Trounce said that his daughter had been driving Meyer's Toyota RAV4, but had returned it. He said Meyer's older Toyota truck is actually in a repair shop, because it had a broken motor.

Trounce said his daughter is taking a lie-detector test this week to prove she is being truthful, but it's a private polygraph with her attorney, not with police.

Meanwhile, Meyer's friends have created a website -- -- to publicize the search for her and collect tips.

Meyer's family is also asking letter carriers who know the area to be on the lookout for signs of the missing woman or her missing vehicles.

The local U.S. Post Office put up fliers in its break room and talked to carriers about keeping an eye out for signs of Meyer.

"We notice things, and we watch out for each other," said Jay Trujillo, a letter carrier. "Keep your eyes and ears open, looking for anything suspicious."

Police said after they did a forensic search of the Meyer's home Tuesday afternoon, but they found no evidence of a criminal act.

Finding Meyer, though, is the only way the nightmare will end, both for Meyer's family and for Miller's.

"I just hope Annie's all right," said Trounce. "I just hope no foul play has happened to her."

Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,000 reward in addition to the $8,000 offered by U.S. Bank, Annie Meyer's employer.

Anyone with information about Meyer is asked to call the Wheat Ridge Police Department at 303-237-2220.


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