Hit-and-run suspect's girlfriend told police 'he did not slow down' before red light

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - "He did not slow down," a hit-and-run suspect's girlfriend told police.

Alton Kirkland, 23, is charged with vehicular homicide and felony menacing in Wheat Ridge. He is also charged with DUI, assaulting his girlfriend and two counts of child abuse.

Kirkland's red 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora smashed into two cars on the night of May 2. The crash killed Jordan Taylor Sprouse, 18, who was driving one of the other vehicles.

According to the affidavit unsealed Tuesday, Kirkland later allegedly told a paramedic he drank six beers prior to the crash. He also allegedly said he cannot remember how fast he was going.

Kirkland's girlfriend, however, told officers she thought he was driving in excess of 50 miles per hour. The couple's two children were also in the car. The affidavit shows the girlfriend told investigators she and Kirkland were fighting in the car after dropping her sister off.

"He stopped at a gas station near 1-70 and Kipling St," the affidavit states. "After a short time, Alton had cooled down and Lanisha got back into the car."

But Kirkland's driving is not described as cool or calm in the affidavit. His girlfriend said he was going "really fast," while weaving through traffic. Because one of her fears is dying in a car crash, she told investigators Kirkland was driving this way to scare her.

"She said Alton told her he would slow down if she would 'shut up,'" the document states.

As the car approached the intersection of West 32 Avenue and Kipling Street, Kirkland's girlfriend said she saw the red light but noticed the car did not slow.

"He tried to hit the brakes at the last minute," the affidavit says. "She stated their car hit another car in the intersection."

Witnesses to the crash saw Kirkland jump out of the Oldsmobile and run. Some witnesses tried to chase him, the affidavit states, but lost him after he jumped a fence and sprinted south through a neighborhood.

Other witnesses had taken Sprouse out of his car and tried to administer CPR before officers arrived. He was later pronounced dead at St. Anthony's Hospital.

Kirkland's girlfriend and their two children were treated at a hospital for injuries and released.

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