Annie Meyer's roommate confronted on hidden camera before police confirmed Meyer's body found

Police call Melissa Miller a person of interest

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - Wheat Ridge police say Melissa Miller will not talk to them about Annie Meyer's death, but Miller tells a different story in a confrontation covertly recorded before the body was found.

"You guys are friggen' ripping me, and I did nothing. I loved Annie more than any of you," Melissa Miller said, in a video shot by Meyer's friends before police confirmed the body had been found in Park County. "I tried to kill myself. I don't want to live without Annie."

In the video, Miller says she has been cooperating with police all along, even authorizing the initial search of the house she shared with Meyer for nearly three years.

"Do you know every lead the cops get, that they say is a tip, it was me, it was me. I've talked to them nine or ten times," Miller insists.

Miller tells Meyer's friends she carries a detective's business card in her pocket, just in case she thinks of something.

"I don't have it on me right now," she says in the video, searching her pockets.

Remember Meyer's two missing cars?

In a surprising revelation, Miller says she had the Toyota RAV4 all along, and told police that she left it in a nearby neighborhood "because it was close."

But police said a neighbor reported the location of the RAV4 truck, not Miller.

Miller is the last known person to have seen Annie Meyer alive, and she says she left Meyer with a woman named "Cathy."

"I dropped her off, Annie, at Sixth and Wadsworth," Miller says. "She wasn't feeling well. She got a bloody nose, and they [Meyer and Cathy] were going to go to dinner, so I dropped her off."

Four times during the 12-minute video, Miller talks about attempting suicide shortly after Meyer's disappearance, seemingly tormented by the loss and the suspicion.

"I'm as lost as you guys. I tried to kill myself. I don't even know what the f--- to do. I mean, Annie, was my whole life," Miller says.

While investigators say an arrest is not imminent, they call Miller a person of interest in the case.

Police confirmed Tuesday that remains found in Park County last week are LeAnn "Annie" Meyer, a Wheat Ridge woman who disappeared five months ago.
"We have been investigating this for five months," said Wheat Ridge Police Cmdr. Dave Pickett. "We certainly have developed leads and obviously we’re interested in Melissa Miller. She is a person of interest for us at this time."

Meyer disappeared in February. Her remains were found in Park County on July 4.

A group of people called the Park County Sheriff's Office after finding what appeared to be human bones near their cabin in Bailey Thursday evening.

Officials said the remains were found in a wooded, rural area where there had been "significant animal activity."

"It doesn't seem to be an area that would be frequented by hikers," deputies said.

There has been no excavation done, but investigators have been on site for five days and the investigation is still ongoing, officials said.

Investigators said Miller has invoked her Fifth Amendment right not to speak to investigators.

"Our ability to speak with her is nonexistent," said Pickett.

Miller has retained an attorney. Her mother, Mary Trounce, said her daughter had nothing to do with Meyer's disappearance, but had hiked with her frequently in Park County, where the body was found.

"She would never ever hurt a soul," said Trounce. "She wouldn't even kill a fly."

Trounce said Miller attempted suicide shortly after Meyer's disappearance because of the cloud of suspicion, and Trounce is worried Miller will try again now.

Police praised Meyer's family for their commitment to finding Annie.

"You couldn't ask for a more committed family," said Wheat Ridge Police chief Dan Brennan.

Now that Annie's body has been found, loved ones said they want to know what happened and who did it.

"It's just unbelievable," said Mark Meyer, Annie Meyer’s brother. "There is some relief now."

"It is bittersweet," said Annie’s friend, Tammy Haselhorst, after hearing the news. "I’m glad we’ll have some closure, but... there’s all the unanswered questions. How long has she been laying up there? Who did this to her?"

Meyer, who would now be 52, talked to her mother on Feb. 10. She was reported missing on March 3.

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