Sex offender arrested for DUI one day after controversial behavior put neighbors on edge

Steven Burmood's past includes sex, stalking cases

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - One day after his controversial behavior put neighbors on edge, a sex offender registered in Westminster was arrested for DUI in Broomfield.

58-year old Steven Burmood appeared in court Tuesday morning and posted bond later in the day.

Neighbors in Bradburn Village have posted 'warning' signs throughout shops and parks identifying Burmood a registered sex offender, who reportedly approached two children on their porch Sunday.

He is a registered sex offender because of two charges dating back to 1979 and 1984 in California. Since then, he's been arrested several times in Colorado dating back to the 1970's for several charges, including stalking.

One resident told 7NEWS Reporter Lindsey Sablan she was at home with her two children, a family friend and her child on Sunday around noon when they spotted Burmood. She said he circled a park that faces their porch, then hid behind a utility box. He then approached a four year old boy and girl sitting on the porch and said, "little girls, come here."

The mother said Burmood didn't realize an adult was on the porch at the time and they approached him. Burmood took off but was spotted in another park in the neighborhood. The woman's husband occupied Burmood while she called police.

Westminster Police Investigator Trevor Materasso said officers originally felt they had enough to arrest Burmood but later decided they had to release him.

"To formally file charges we need additional information to show that a law or crime was actually committed," Materasso said. "Just because he's a registered sex offender doesn't mean that he's broken the law."

Materasso also warned residents they can be vigilant but to not take matters into their own hands. Police said a man approached Burmood outside his home Monday night. Burmood was cited for disorderly conduct.

"Whether people agree with it or not, Mr. Burmood has constitutional rights, and he can't be harassed and he can't be approached and threatened," Materasso said.

Police said Burmood has been properly registered with the city of Westminster since 2006, but that's not giving parents in the Bradburn Village any peace of mind.

"It just feels like his behavior has been so brazen and escalating, and you kind of get the feeling that he's a ticking time bomb," said Kristin who lives in the neighborhood. "People need to know he is a threat and they need to be vigilant."

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