Detective: Accused Jessica Ridgeway killer Austin Sigg told brother, 'I need to get punished'

Detective: Sigg made three separate confessions

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - The accused killer of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway told his brother, "I need to get punished," a Westminster police detective testified at a Thursday hearing.

Detective Mike Lynch said on the Oct. 23 night that Austin Sigg was arrested, his mother told police she had overheard Sigg talking to his brother.

"Don't let Dad get an attorney for me. I need to get punished," Sigg told his brother, according to the boys' mother.

During a videotaped interview after his arrest,  Sigg allegedly confessed to kidnapping the Westminster girl as she walked to school on Oct. 5, then killing her. The girl's disappearance triggered a massive search that ended with the discovery of her dismembered remains five days later in an open space field in Arvada.

This would make the third time the then-17-year-old Sigg allegedly confessed to the killing, including prior statements to a 911 dispatcher that night and to a detective who later showed up at the Sigg family home.

Lynch testified that Sigg also helped police recover three trash bags of human remains from the crawlspace of his family's Westminster home.

During a preliminary hearing earlier this year, prosecutors played the 911 call where Sigg admitted to killing Ridgeway and to trying to kidnap a female jogger at Ketner Lake months earlier.

"I murdered Jessica Ridgeway, I have proof that I did," Sigg is heard saying on the recording. "I'm giving myself up completely, there will be no resistance whatsoever."

When the dispatcher asked Sigg if he had a criminal history, he confessed to a second crime.

"The only other (incident) was Ketner Lake, where a woman was attacked. That was me," Sigg said.

Lynch said that, just before Austin Sigg conducted the recorded interview at police headquarters, he told investigators, "You can expect my cooperation in every aspect."

The new revelations came on the first of two days of pre-trail hearings in the murder case.

Austin Sigg, now 18, is charged with 18 counts in Ridgway's death, as well as the jogger attack.

Sigg has pleaded not guilty.

On Thursday morning, Lynch also testified that the jogger picked Sigg's photo out of a six-photo lineup on the morning after his arrest, before the teen's arrested photo was released to the news media.

Police also received DNA test results the day after his Oct. 24 arrest which linked Sigg to Ridgeway's abduction.

Defense attorneys questioned whether police had obtained consent from Sigg and his mother, Mindy Sigg, to interview the juvenile suspect without his mother present. If defense attorneys could prove police violated Sigg's rights, they might be able to get his videotaped confession thrown out.

Lynch testified that both Sigg and his mother verbally told police he could be interviewed without his mother there. Yet, while both Sigg and his mother signed forms waiving their Miranda rights to remain silent and to have an attorney present, the forms didn't include specific wording agreeing that the suspect could be interviewed without his mother present.

Mindy Sigg, however, testified that she signed a document giving consent for police to speak to her son without her being present.

She testified for about 90 minutes Thursday. At times, she was in tears.

The accused killer's mother told the court her son told her on Oct. 23, "that he killed her. That he strangled her."

"He said he dismembered her," she continued.

Mindy Sigg also talked about calling the police. She said, "When I first called the tip line, she didn't believe me."

After his arrest, Sigg agreed to drive with Lynch and an FBI agent and show them locations related to the Ridgeway case, the detective testified.

In a sign of the resources devoted to the high-profile Ridgeway case, Lynch said more than 200 law enforcement officers for several agencies were present at police headquarters the night Sigg was arrested.

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