5 teens sentenced in case where stolen guns were found outside Standley Lake High School

3 teens stole guns, 2 helped hide them, DA says

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - Five teen boys have been sentenced for their role in the theft of guns that were found on the grounds of Standley Lake High School.

A Standley Lake High School employee found two of the guns during a routine check of the grounds on Feb. 20. The campus is located at 9300 W. 104th Ave. The school called Westminster police, who found three stolen rifles, a shotgun, electronics and jewelry, all stolen from a house that shares a fence line with the school.

The school was placed on lockdown for several hours during the police investigation.

Three of the teens were arrested and prosecuted for their participation in the theft of the guns and other valuables, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office said Tuesday. The other two teens were arrested and prosecuted in the placement of the stolen items on school property.

"The conduct of these teens caused great alarm and concern at Standley Lake High School and in the surrounding community," said District Attorney Peter Weir. "The swift resolution of these cases allows rapid imposition of consequences and accountability."

Two 16-year-old boys pled guilty to burglary and a misdemeanor weapons charge on March 20 after they were accused of going into houses and taking the items. They were sentenced to six days in detention and two years probation, possibly including six weekends on a work crew.

The two other teens, ages 15 and 16, who were not involved with the burglary but helped the other boys hide the items on school property, pled guilty to theft by receiving on March 31. Because both teens were cooperative and neither had a criminal history, they will be supervised by the District Attorney’s Diversion Program for one year, after which their case will be reviewed again.

A 15-year-old boy accused of organizing and planning the theft also pled guilty to burglary and a misdemeanor weapons charge on April 17. Like the 16-year-olds who were sentenced first, he was sentenced to six days in detention and two years probation.

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