Police: Fight over illegal dumping led to shooting that injured two people in Thornton

THORNTON, Colo. - Police believe a fight about illegal dumping led to a shooting that injured two men and damaged two vehicles in Thornton Friday morning.

"Preliminary information indicates that this was an altercation over some type of illegal dumping of trash that occurred outside of our city limits," police spokesman Matt Barnes said.

Barnes said it appears the driver of a red Dodge pickup truck followed a silver Toyota Camry to the 9300 block of Cedar Court, where a shouting match began.

The driver of the pickup truck accused the driver of the Camry of illegal dumping.

Then a third person, who knows the driver of the Camry, came out of a home in the area and joined in the confrontation.

"There was multiple exchange of gunfire and the Dodge pickup drove off to the fire station," Barnes said, adding that the driver was wounded.

The silver Camry was hit by the Dodge pickup as it drove away.

So far, one weapon was located.

The other injured victim was found sitting on a sidewalk when police arrived in the area.

It's not clear who fired the shots.

Police are still investigating the case.

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