Rockies Todd Helton pleads guilty in DUI case

Rockies star Todd Helton pleaded guilty Tuesday morning in connection with his arrest on DUI charges in February.

"I am very regretful to be here," Helton told the judge in court. "I have taken many steps to prevent this from happening again."

Under a plea bargain, Helton pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of driving while ability impaired. The judge sentenced Helton to one year probation, a $400 fine, $1224 in other fees and 24 hours of community service.

In the police report for Helton's arrest, Officer Ty Deichert said a witness following a black Ford F150 called to report a possible drunk driver at 2:08 a.m. on February 6.

While Deichert and another officer were headed to the area, the witness also reported that the pickup had struck a median and parked in the Conoco gas station at 128th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.

The officers arrived and spotted the F150 empty but idling outside the gas station with the driver's side door open. A moment later Helton emerged from the gas station and said he was the owner of the truck. He was holding his wallet, chewing tobacco and lottery tickets in his hand. He was dressed in camouflage.

"I could immediately smell a strong odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage coming from his person and he was unsteady on his feet. The male's eyes were also bloodshot and watery," Deichert wrote.

"I asked the male where he was coming from and he stated something about getting his truck washed," the narrative continued.

Still not knowing who they were talking to, the officers asked for Helton's identification. According to the document, Helton began to look around inside his vehicle until an officer asked if the ID was in his wallet that had been put on the front driver's side seat.

After identifying him as Todd Helton, the document said the officers explained the witness had alerted them to the possible DUI and that he'd hit a curb. Helton denied hitting the curb, they wrote.

The officers asked Helton if he'd take a roadside test and wrote that he asked questions about the process before agreeing. Four paragraphs are redacted at this point in the document and Thornton police said it is their policy to keep testing information confidential until the case goes to court.

Helton was arrested and while being taken to the police department he agreed to a breath test, the results of which are also redacted in the document.

During the booking process, Deichert wrote that Helton made "spontaneous statements about drinking two Igloo cups of red wine."

Helton was issued a notice of revocation and an Adams County Summons for DUI, DUI Per Se and careless driving. He was released to a "sober party."

In court Tuesday, officials said Helton had a blood alcohol level of .12. The legal limit is 0.08.

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