Hobby Lobby security guard hit by shoplifting suspect in stolen car, police say

THORNTON, Colo. - A shoplifting suspect in a stolen car hit one of two security guards who tried to pursue her, Thornton police say.

The woman was seen shoplifting from the Hobby Lobby at 550 Thornton Pkwy. around 5 p.m. Monday. Police tell 7NEWS she was followed out of the store by two female security guards.

When the suspect go to her car, she was confronted by the security guards. Police say a struggle began.

Somehow the suspect got into her car and put it in reverse, knocking one of the guards down. That guard was not injured.

Then the suspect put the car into drive and hit the second guard as she was getting away.  This guard did suffer some injuries.

Police said the guards were able to provide a license plate number that belongs to a car reported stolen at 6:15 a.m. Monday from Westminster.