Parker mom claims Cherokee Trail Elementary School lost her child

DougCo Schools implementing new safeguards

PARKER, Colo. - A Parker mother says her 6-year-old walked away from an after-school activity and no one noticed until police found him half-a-mile away.

Keli Bowman's 6-year-old son Jace has a huge amount of energy. To help him work it out, she enrolled the boy in an after-school running program.

"My son loves to run, and so I thought it would be something good for him," she said.

But Monday, when she went to pick him up at Cherokee Trail Elementary, her first grader was nowhere to be found.

"I went up to a staff member and said, 'Have you seen Jace? I can't find him,' and they didn't even notice that he wasn't there," said Keli Bowman.

On Jordan St., though, drivers noticed the little boy walking by himself and called 911. Jace had walked at least half a mile with no one at the school realizing he was missing.

"By the time I called 911, the police had already found him," said Bowman. "He said he was going to see his little brother at the daycare."

She said it is not the first time he has gone missing from the school.

"They lost Jace his second day of kindergarten," said Bowman.

She said last year he got on the wrong bus and went home with another student.

"We can only get lucky so many times," she said. "How many times does my son have to get lost before I never see him again?"

Douglas County Schools released a statement to 7NEWS confirming what happened and stating, "School leadership has implemented additional safeguards for this after school activity."

"It's just damage control. They want to sweep this under the rug," said Bowman.

She isn't convinced the school will take action, and she is talking to her son about what happened.

"Next time there might not be another police officer,"  Bowman told her little boy.

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