Deer pierced by arrow spurs 911 calls by concerned Parker residents

Police: Unidentified suspect could face charges

PARKER, Colo. - Parker residents have been flooding 911 with calls about a deer with an arrow piercing its hide, roaming a neighborhood in recent days.

In a statement on the city website, police said the "very mobile young buck," with the through-and-through arrow protruding from its back, has been seen in the Robinson Ranch subdivision, near Hess and Parker Road, several times since Saturday.

The Parker Police Animal Services Office asked people to avoid approaching or attempting to capture the deer. The incident has been reported to the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.

Police said they are actively looking for leads and crime tips. It is possible the person or persons responsible may be cited for animal cruelty and the Division of Wildlife may have additional charges, police said.

Anyone who knows the person or persons responsible for shooting the deer is asked to call the Parker Police Department Animal Services Officer at 303-805-6631 or email

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