Car-theft suspect arrested in Parker after driver tries to ram head-on into patrol car, police say

Driver arrested after he crashes into parked car

PARKER, Colo. - Parker police arrested a man in stolen car Friday morning after a high-speed pursuit in which one of two car-theft suspects attempted to ram head-on into an officer's patrol car.

One male auto-theft suspect was arrested after he crashed a stolen car into a vehicle parked in the lot of Parker Assisted Living by Morningstar, 18900 E. Main St., said Parker police spokeswoman Ann Bader.

Police had received an early-morning law enforcement bulletin to be on the lookout for a stolen vehicle. Soon afterward, a patrol officer spotted two vehicles speeding toward him, Bader said.

The officer turned on his lights and siren, but the two drivers refused to stop, Bader said. One driver drove head-on at the patrol car in an attempt to ram it, but the patrol officer was not hit.

The two cars committed several traffic violations, including driving northbound in the southbound lanes of Parker Road, Bader said.

Police had initiated a pursuit, but terminated it for public safety reasons.

Officers were able to catch the male driver when he crashed into the car in the parking lot. Police determined he was in a stolen vehicle, Bader said.

The arrested suspect's name was not immediately released.

Police are now trying to identify the other driver who escaped in another vehicle.

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