Unlicensed teenager behind wheel of car that crashed into a Loveland home

DENVER - A teenager's first experience behind the wheel went awry, but the tenants of the home she hit say it could have been a lot worse.

"One of the neighbors came through and parked her car in my bedroom on accident," said Freddie Ruiz.

The car came across the backyard from 1488 E. Fifth St. and plowed into the home at 1507B E. 4th St. in Loveland around 5 p.m., Ruiz explained.

Ruiz said two of the children who live in the house, a pair of twins, were playing in the back yard at the time of the accident. They were using a trampoline that had recently been moved.

Just a few days ago, Ruiz said, the trampoline would have been directly in the path of the car.

"About three days ago we had moved it. We had a family BBQ for one of the kid's birthdays and we had everything all set up and a few more people showed up than expected and so we rearranged it for hospitality," Ruiz explained. "I'm glad that we did."

The 15-year-old driver told 7NEWS she has no license or learner's permit and that she was trying to go to the post office.

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