Wanted: Suspected car thief and parole violator Gabriel Rivera who fled arrest

LONGMONT, Colo. - Longmont Police are asking for assistance tracking down a suspected car thief and parole violator who got away when officers tried to arrest him.

Gabriel Rivera, 25, is the subject several arrest warrants, Longmont Detective Greg Malsam said in a statement.

Officers stopped Rivera while he was in an allegedly stolen car, Malsam said. He was able to run away before officers could take him into custody.

Longmont Police were issued an arrest warrant with a $5,000 bond for Rivera on the charges of theft of over $2,000 and obstructing a police officer. The Boulder County Sheriff's Office has a $50,000 bond warrant for Rivera's arrest on the charges of theft and escape. The Department of corrections has a no-bond warrant for Rivera on an alleged parole violation.

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