Xcel working to mitigate troublesome power outages in Lakewood's Daniels Garden neighborhood

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Residents of the Daniels Garden neighborhood near 12th and Union in Lakewood say they lose power every time it rains. Xcel Energy says the distribution system in the area is overloaded.

"We get the same letter and the same explanations every single time. It was a lightning strike, or a tree fell on it," said homeowner Sean Major.

Major and several of his neighbors say they're frustrated with Xcel Energy because they've lost power between 10 and 17 times in less than three months.

Paul Brown also says his power goes out whenever it rains. Without electricity, his sump pump turns off and his basement floods.

He put his new bed on car jacks to keep the wood frame off the floor.

"I've called Xcel over a half-dozen times," Brown claims. "The last occasion the woman actually told me that maybe the best course of action would be to purchase a gas generator."

"I think they should purchase them if they can't provide us with electricity," Tracy Brown suggested.

An Xcel Energy spokesman tells 7NEWS he's not sure why a representative would suggest something like that. The utility says the bigger issue is that too many homes are on a single circuit.

The company says they're working to fix that problem. They are expediting work to trim trees and have installed three new fuses and plan to install four more.

The result will divide the neighborhood into eight sections, which will limit how many customers are affected if any one fuse fails.

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