Sexually violent predator, Nick Medina, violated parole 2 weeks before disappearing

DOC decided parole violation didn't warrant arrest

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - A fugitive sexually violent predator violated his parole two weeks before he disappeared, but parole officers decided not to re-arrest him when they had the opportunity.

Just weeks after being paroled from a Colorado prison, Nick Medina, 38, disappeared from his Lakewood motel room after removing his GPS tracking monitor on the morning of June 30.

7NEWS has confirmed that Medina violated his parole on June 17 when parole officers confiscated materials from his Lakewood Lodge room, including his cellphone. The phone contained inappropriate content, sources tell 7NEWS.

According to Colorado Department of Corrections spokeswoman Alison Morgan, it was a first-time offense that did not rise to the level of having Medina's parole revoked.

7NEWS asked why a sexually violent predator would not be arrested on a first parole offense, Morgan replied, "The practice is under review by our Executive Director," referring to new DOC chief Rick Raemisch.

The inappropriate content was removed from his cellphone and parole officers returned it to Medina on June 26, which is also the last day parole officers saw him.

As part of his parole, Medina was supposed to make daily phone calls to his parole officer by 10 a.m. each day. The phone number needs to be a landline and is verified by parole officers. According to Morgan, there is no indication that Medina's phone call on the morning of June 30 was not received.

At 11:46 a.m. on June 30, Medina's GPS ankle monitor triggered a strap tamper alert. Parole officers called his motel room and his cellphone, but received no response. A parole officer contacted the motel owner, who checked Medina's motel room at 1:12 p.m. and discovered him gone.

According to a Lakewood Police report, the motel owner found the motel room key on top of the bed and found only a few "odds and ends" left behind, such as "an old coffee pot and worn out shoes."

Parole officers obtained an arrest warrant for Medina on July 1.

Lakewood Police were unaware of the parole arrest warrant for Medina. Lakewood officers visited the motel for a random check of Medina on July 3. Lakewood officers conduct random checks of sexual predators living within the city limits.

7NEWS found out that Lakewood Police should have been alerted to Medina's disappearance prior to their unannounced visit on July 3.

According to Morgan, once parole obtains an arrest warrant, the Department of Corrections is supposed to email that warrant to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. The CBI would then alert local law enforcement jurisdictions. Morgan said the email to CBI failed and never sent.

"We are concerned and following up to determine the source of the failure," said Morgan. "This cannot happen again."

According to Morgan, the Fugitive Location and Apprehension Group or F.L.A.G. is in charge of looking for missing fugitives like Medina. F.L.A.G. is a multi-agency group led by Denver Police. Morgan told 7NEWS that even though the email to CBI failed, F.L.A.G. was aware of Medina's disappearance.

Nick Medina Parole Timeline:

June 6: Released from prison

June 10: Parole officer visits Medina at Lakewood motel.

June 17: Parole officer visits Medina at Lakewood motel and confiscates materials including cellphone

June 18: Parole verifies his employment as a day laborer

June 25: Medina makes parole office visit to seek additional housing assistance

June 26: Medina visits parole office and gets cellphone returned

June 30: Medina makes check-in phone call by 10 a.m.

June 30: Medina removes GPS monitor, triggering strap tamper alert at 11:46 a.m.

June 30: Motel owner confirms Medina is no longer in his room at 1:12 p.m.

July 1: DOC obtains arrest warrant

July 3: Unaware of arrest warrant, Lakewood Police officers make random visit to Medina and find him missing from motel


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