Family, friends fear the worst in disappearance of Lakewood resident David Noren

Mom: Police say cash withdrawn from ATM

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Family and friends say they're beginning to fear the worst in the disappearance of David Noren.

The 49-year-old Lakewood man has been missing since May 19.

"I'm at a complete loss," said Noren's mother, Marilyn. "My feeling is that something dreadful is going on." Mrs. Noren told 7NEWS that an ATM withdrawal was made from her son's account on the day he disappeared.

"Police said the (ATM) camera wasn't working, but they thought it was his car going out," she said.

"It's suspicious," said Michael Matchinsky, a co-owner of BCT Wholesale Printing in Denver.

Matchinsky said Noren has been employed at BCT for 23 years, working first in Albuquerque and Tempe, Ariz., before moving to Colorado two months ago.

"Dave is as solid as they come," Matchinsky said. "He was there everyday. Never called in sick and was never late."

Matchinsky said Noren has a black lab, named Olivia, and that he treats her like a member of his family.

"For the first month and a half in Colorado, he didn't want the dog to be alone, so I allowed him to bring the dog to the shop every day," Matchinsky said. "She became a fixture there. Dave would never, ever abandon that dog."

When the long-time employee failed to show up for work Monday, his bosses tried to call him. There was no answer, so they drove to his house.

"We found his dog there, alone and unattended," Matchinsky said. "And that's when we started thinking something is terribly wrong."

Lakewood police say Noren was last seen at The Pub on Colfax, a popular sports bar at 7785 West Colfax Avenue.

Bartender Samatha Bay told 7NEWS that Noren liked to stop by after work.

"His dog was pretty much his kid," Bay said. "He took her everywhere he went, and brought her here."

When asked what she thinks happened, Bay replied, "Honestly, I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about it."

She says Noren is a good-hearted soul, willing to help others.

When asked if she thought his disappearance might be related to someone he met, she said, "I do. He started hanging out with a couple in the 'wrong' crowd, drug addicts and unfortunately, I think, something happened."

Noreen's mom is hoping for a positive outcome.

"He always calls me on weekends," she said. "He was home in April for my 80th birthday."

Marilyn Noren said, "I keep hoping that nothing has happened to him."

Lakewood police say they'd like a phone call from anyone who has information about Noren, or from anyone who knows his whereabouts.

"We want everything to turn out all right," Matchinsky said. "That’s the most important thing."

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