7NEWS takes viewers inside "Shoot, Don't Shoot" simulator used by police officers

Officers face split-second decisions

DENVER - They are life changing decisions that have incredible consequences. Police officers have to make them sometimes daily -- shoot or don't shoot.

"Imagine the most stressful day you've ever had and then multiply that by a million," said Todd Brown, a vice president at Ti Training in Golden.

The company develops simulators used by police departments across the country to train officers on what to do in situations when they may have to use deadly force.

The simulators feature real-life scenarios that an officer can encounter on any given day. Brown said officers have to practice vigilance every time they encounter someone.

"Every time a police officer makes contact with somebody they don't know that person," Brown said. "So in everything they do, they err on the side of safety."

Often officers will have to make decisions in environments that are unfamiliar. This is one reason Brown said it is important officers go through training and get used to making split-second decisions.

"It gives them an opportunity to make a mistake, if a mistake is going to be made, in an environment where nobody gets hurt," he said.

Take a look at our video report and get an inside glimpse of what officers face.

"Even as much as we can compress the time frames in simulations, in the real world things happen even faster," Brown said. 

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