Two students suspended, three facing expulsion following gun find at Campus Middle School

Greenwood Village Police looking for motive

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. - Two students have been suspended and three others face expulsion after an unloaded handgun was found in a zippered binder at Campus Middle School Tuesday in Greenwood Village.

"We got a tip that someone may have had drug paraphernalia," Cherry Creek School District spokeswoman Tustin Amole said Wednesday. "We went to check and instead found a small caliber handgun inside the binder."

When asked why a student brought the gun to school, Amole said, "We don’t know, but no one was ever threatened with it. We found no ammunition. The weapon was unloaded."

Amole said the gun seemed to be an "object of interest" among a small group of students.

She said the five students involved are all boys, but would not say whether they were all in the same class or all in the same grade.

When asked if one of the students brought the gun to school just to show it off, Amole replied, "Well, that's possible. We're investigating all of the possibilities."

She said parents were notified about the incident through a recorded phone message.

"District security and the Greenwood Police were called," said a message posted on the school's website and attributed to school Principal Jane Miller. "No bullets or ammunition were found at that time or during a subsequent search."

Parent Jerry Chacon told 7NEWS that he didn't get the message.

Chacon questioned why the district didn't handle the situation in emergency fashion.

"(Then) it may have shed light on the fact that parents, who are gun owners, aren't properly storing their guns where kids can't have access to them," Chacon said.

Amole replied that after the gun was found, school officials called police.

"There was no lockdown," she said. "There was no immediate threat…We do not believe anyone was ever in danger."

She said normally, if there’s not an immediate threat, the district would notify parents with a letter, but opted to phone them in this instance.

One parent, who was driving away from the school Wednesday afternoon, told 7NEWS that "Cherry Creek School District does a great job with security."

Greenwood Village Police are still investigating the case.

When asked who owns the gun, police spokeswoman Crystal Dean said they won't comment while they’re gathering information about what happened, and why it happened.

"With all of the events, the violence in the world -- and hearing about the United States recently -- I'm just scared. I feel out of control sending my kids to school," said Janine Browne-Franklin, a concerned parent.

Parents have been asked to discuss the situation with their children. If any families have additional information, they are asked to call police at 303-773-2525.

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