5-member Jang family of Greenwood Village survives Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco Airport

SAN FRANCISCO - Three children from a Greenwood Village family told how they and their parents survived the harrowing Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco International Airport on Sunday.

"There was no warning or anything. It just happened," 15-year-old Esther Jang told CNN.

Esther, her two siblings -- 13-year-old Joseph and 11-year-old Sarah -- and their parents were flying home from the children's first visit to South Korea.

The family was sitting in the rear of the Boeing 777 when the tail section slammed into a sea wall on the landing approach in San Francisco and the plane skidded across the runway, shearing off the back of the jetliner and its landing gear.  

"We were all bouncing all over the place," Esther said. "I just remember there being dust everywhere and I was freaking out and then it just stopped."

Dazed in the shattered plane, the children told CNN they weren't certain if they had survived.

  "I was also calling out for my parents and I was, well, I couldn't breathe…cause I got the wind knocked out of me, so I couldn't breathe for a couple of seconds," Joseph Jang said.

 Added Esther, "After everything stopped and I realized I was alive, I looked over and saw my brother and sister -- they were both fine. And then I looked over at my mom and my dad and they were both on the floor because their seats fell down. And then I called their names out and they both, like, moaned."

The children said it was hard for them to get out because luggage had toppled from overhead bins and seats had collapsed.

"Someone helped us out and then my brother and sister both went out an exit on the right," Esther Jang told CNN. "And then I realized that I was limping (and)…their exit did not have a slide. So then a flight attendant brought me to another exit, which had a slide, which was on the opposite side of the plane.

Amid the chaos, the Jang family found their way out to safety.

The family has since been released from San Francisco General Hospital, a hospital spokesperson told 7NEWS.

The children and their father, Jun Jang, and mother, Shinyi Jang, are expected to return to Colorado in the next few days.

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