Voluntary evacuations end in Greeley after Cache La Poudre River flooding damaged 23 buildings

River crested June 3 around 3:45 p.m.

GREELEY - All voluntary evacuations in Greeley due to the flooding of the Cache La Poudre River have ended, but some road closures remain in place.

City building inspectors have estimated 11 homes and 12 businesses were damaged by the flooding. The river crested on June 3 around 3:45 p.m., according to measurements taken at Greeley's Wastewater Treatment Plant.

While the voluntary evacuations have ended, Greeley says residents and visitors are still advised to be cautious around rivers and streams. The river remains over its banks and conditions change daily.

One of the road closures prompted by the flooding, D Street from 11th Avenue to 14th Avenue, has also ended.

Ongoing road closures in Greeley:

  • 5th Street from Hwy 85 to 5th Avenue
  • 6th Avenue from the Poudre Bridge to 3rd Street
  • 25th Avenue from F Street to O Street
  • 71st Avenue at the Poudre River
  • 83rd Avenue at the Poudre River
  • 95th Avenue at the Poudre River

Trail/Parks/Open space closures:

  • The Trail is closed from 11th Avenue in Greeley west to Windsor.
  • Rover Run Dog Park is closed until further notice.
  • Poudre Ponds Recreational Fishery in Greeley is also closed to public access.
  • The Poudre Trail parking lot, trail head and open space at 71st Avenue are closed.
  • Island Grove Park – portions of the park are underwater including the sports fields


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