Greeley woman with 15 dogs in U-Haul found not guilty of animal neglect

GREELEY, Colo. - The Greeley woman at the center of an animal neglect case after 15 dogs were seized from her U-Haul has been found not guilty.

In August, Greeley police took 15 Lhasa Apso dogs from Lynn Robbins and charged her with a total of 65 counts of unlawful confining of an animal in a vehicle and failure to provide humane treatment.

On Dec. 7, a jury acquitted her of 35 of those charges.  The remaining 30 charges were dismissed after a judge ruled police lacked probable cause when they pulled Robbins over in August.

The dogs have been in the care of the Weld County Humane Society.  According to Robbin’s attorney, Elizabeth Kearney, three dogs died several weeks after they were taken to the Humane Society, eight were adopted out and one was euthanized last week due to medical conditions.

Weld County Humane Society Director, Elaine Wood, told 7NEWS three dogs remain in their custody.

“I want my dogs back.  I want them to come home,” Robbins told 7NEWS.

But that may no longer be possible. 

“She did not go through the proper channels to post bond to have her dogs held for her so the dogs were released to us,” said Wood.

Kearney said the Greeley impoundment ordinance allows an animal to be impounded prior to any finding of guilt.  If the owner can’t post the bond, the animal is then given to the shelter.  In Robbins’ case, she was ordered to pay more than $11,000 in bond money each month her dogs were impounded.  By now she would’ve paid $44,000.  Had she paid it, she would not get that money back even now that she’s been acquitted of the charges.

“It shouldn’t be the case because I was acquitted of everything, not only that but those dogs should never have been taken away to begin with,” Robbins said.

The Weld County Humane Society said it spent more than $23,000 in vet and boarding costs caring for the 15 dogs.

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