West Nile Virus testing provides mixed results in Golden and Lafayette

GOLDEN, Colo. - Mosquitoes captured in Lafayette and Golden, two communities separated by about 20 miles, have recently tested positive for West Nile Virus.

The two cities sent 7NEWS notifications of the tests Tuesday. Both said mosquitoes collected in multiple locations tested positive for the virus.

The City of Golden says the mosquitoes carrying the virus were collected near South Golden and Johnson Roads. They add that mosquitoes collected elsewhere in Jefferson County also tested positive.

In Lafayette, the mosquitoes with the virus were collected at Waneka Lake Park and in the vicinity of North Finch Ave. north of Baseline Road near Rothman Open Space. It was the second time mosquitoes from Waneka Lake Park tested positive.

However, Lafayette tested mosquitoes again on Sunday night. None of them were carrying the virus. Additionally, they say, the overall mosquito count is continuing to decline.

Both communities say mosquito control efforts are being used.

Because of the mosquitoes, Lafayette says the Phat Daddy concert previously planned for Wednesday evening at Waneka Lake will now be held at Festival Plaza at 7 p.m.

Jefferson and Boulder Counties recommend the same mnemonic for avoiding mosquito bites, called "The 4Ds:"

1. Use DEET-enhanced insect repellent or an alternative.

2. DRESS in long sleeves and pants.

3. Avoid the outdoors during DUSK and DAWN.

4. DRAIN standing water outside your home.

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