'Free' historic house at Colorado School of Mines in Golden going to real estate company

GOLDEN, Colo. - The historic house being given away, almost for free, in Golden is going to a real estate company.

Easy Street Properties, LLC said it will relocate the house to 410 9th Street in Golden no later than June 15.

"We decided that keeping the house in Golden was important, both for historical value to the community and for the ease of moving the building," said Chris Cocallas, director of Mines Capital Planning and Construction.

The brick home, built in 1923, is in the area where the Colorado School of Mines wants to build its new Welcome Center, according to the City of Golden.

In order to preserve it, city officials persuaded CSM to give the 935 square-foot home to whoever can move it.

East Street will spend $50,000-$60,000 moving the home. They'll also have to pay the city what's being called a "minimal amount" for the home, because state property can't be given away.

The structure measures 28 feet tall, but will be around 30-35 feet tall when transported on a structural semi truck. Due to its height, Easy Street will work with the city’s electrical companies to move power lines prior to the relocation. The house move will take place in the evening and should not cause much traffic disruption, officials said.

“As a 4th generation native of Jefferson County, I am personally very excited to preserve this piece of Golden history,” said Sam Kimbriel, president and CEO of Easy Street.

Easy Street plans to use the building for office space or rental property.

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