ATF calls cause of Glendale fire at construction site 'undetermined'

GLENDALE, Colo. - About ten days after a fire, and after five days of investigation by a federal agency, the cause of a fire at a Glendale construction site is still "undetermined." More tests will need to be done if the fire was an accident or arson.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is leading the investigation of the Dec. 14 fire at 801 S. Cherry St. in Glendale. That federal agency is responsible for investigating fires and arsons.

Although five days of examination and interviews have failed to lead investigators to determine a cause, ATF spokesman Special Agent Bradley Beyersdorf says the work will continue.

"The factors resulting in the finding of undetermined are not being released due to the ongoing investigation," Beyersdorf wrote in an email.

The fire caused some parts of cars to melt in the parking lot of an apartment complex across the street.

Myeisha McGeachy was evacuated overnight because of the fire. The next morning, she found her and her husband's car was badly damaged by the heat.

"Thank goodness we had insurance, we were covered, so we had our own backs in that regard," she said.

McGeachy's insurance company is not making them pay for the repairs, but will only cover a rental for one month. If that time elapses before their car is repaired or replaced, the couple faces questions of what to do next.

"We're talking a lot of other steps that we need to take care of and we really want to know who's responsible for it," McGeachy said.

In addition to heat damage to cars, some of the residents of the building had to go to hotels because of damage inside the apartments.

With no known cause of the fire, 7NEWS asked Glendale Police who would likely be responsible for paying for all this. They said it will likely fall to each individual's insurance.

But McGeachy isn't happy with that answer.

"Someone else's insurance should be paying for someone else's damage," she said.

For now, the ATF has given the builders permission to resume construction on the property.