Group objects to CSU's stadium plans

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Several neighbors expressed frustration Friday morning with Colorado State University's plan to build a new $250 million football stadium on campus. The new construction would replace Hughes Stadium, which is located three miles off campus.

"I cannot believe that the football players are going to play incredibly better because they've got a stadium here. You've got a stadium there. I can't believe the revenue is going to be incredibly better because you've got a stadium here. You've got a stadium there," said one speaker in opposition.

Supporters say a stadium on campus would make it easier for students to get to the games and support their team. The group that spoke before the Board of Governors, however, says the money would be better spent elsewhere.

"Primarily we are an institution of higher learning and we need to primarily lean ourselves toward that," another speaker said.

For now, the plans for the new stadium continue to move forward. The university is responsible for privately raising at least half the cost.

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