Ft. Collins police ask for help identifying partygoers called 'persons of interest'

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Fort Collins police have released seven pictures of people called "persons of interest" in the party that got out of control last month.

Police say property was damaged as people partied on top of cars and house roofs. 7NEWS documented at least one car windshield that was smashed and some partiers hurled beer bottles at police.

The department has been reviewing videos of the massive block party centered at Prospect Road and Westbridge Drive, in the Summerhill neighborhood near the Colorado State University campus. Police spokeswoman Rita Davis told 7NEWS some of the photos come from that video, while others come from Internet postings.

"They were on the internet, posted by individuals who had pictures taken from the riotous activity and these pictures were part of that," Davis said.

Police want to talk to each of the seven people, to find out what role, if any, they played that night. At this time, Davis said, none of the seven are considered suspects.

"They are persons of interest and we need to chat with them to find out what they were doing that evening," Davis said.

There were actually three parties scheduled for that area on the night of April 27, according to CSU's party registration program. One of them estimated 400 people would attend.

"There were people there saying they hated police," said Darin Hinman, who was there reporting for the university's newspaper.  Hinman said some partygoers went from asking officers "to go smoke pot with them because it's legal now" to yelling "screw you officer."

Fort Collins Police Chief John Hutto was there and said officers who began by encouraging people to clear the street had to escalate to stronger methods.

"There was a lot more property damage beginning to occur so the decision was made, based on the resources we had available, that we needed to use some tear gas and pepper spray to clear the area," he said.

Now, Hutto's department is asking anyone who recognizes the people in the seven photos to contact Officer Allen Heaton at 970-221-6555 or Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at 970-221-6868.

The seven people are being called "persons of interest" in the "disturbance" and not "suspects."

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