CSU building microbrewery at Lory Student Center to give beer-brewing students hands-on experience

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Students taking classes in beer brewing at Colorado State University are going to get more hands-on training.

The school is planning to install a microbrewery in the Lory Student Center, right next to the venerable Ramskeller pub, to give students real-world experience.

That's right --  students will be getting credit for brewing and tasting beer as they prepare for careers in the growing microbrewery industry.

Next fall, CSU will serve up a heady new major -- fermentation science and technology.

"Because we're in an area with a bunch of breweries already being so prominent, it actually brings an appreciation for the different types of brew that would be available," CSU student Vanessa Ybrra told 7NEWS photojournalist Major King.

The goal is not to compete with Fort Collins' thriving microbreweries but to provide an expanded educational facility where students can master the science of crafting great beer, said Jeff McCubbin, dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences.

"However, we do envision that students in the future may be able to produce very small amounts of select beers that might be available for consumption," McCubbin said.

"Our local industry (leaders) think it's very important to have an academic program because some people evolve into an interest in brewing beer without the academic science background that goes with it," the dean added.

At least one local craft brewer gives his blessing.

"I think if they were able to offer some of the beers that their students fermented it might grow attention toward the program. So it makes perfect sense to me," said Sean Nook, owner of Black Bottle Brewery. 

Students having a cold pint at the venerable 'Skellar pub toasted plans for the CSU microbrewery.

"I'm all for it and I think it's great and to just kind of further people's education in the brewery class," said grad student Nick Lemmel.

Construction of the brewery/lab next to the Ramskellar should be completed in about two years.

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