Charges dropped in road rage crash case after surveillance video reveals suspect was not at fault

FT. COLLINS, Colo. - Surveillance video contained the evidence necessary to prove a driver accused of road rage in Ft. Collins was innocent. Police dropped the charges against him, but have not yet decided if the other driver will be ticketed.

In Darrell True's telling of the story, the other driver in the case was irate for no reason.

"I proceeded past this party and he raised his hands and was waving his fingers and cussing and yelling at me," said True. "He traveled eastbound in the westbound lanes of traffic, cut in front of me, locked up his brakes and I had a collision with him."

But because True rear-ended the other driver, police cited True for careless driving. The impact broke the grill on True’s '85 Chevy pick-up.

"This is where his bumper hitch made contact," explained True as he pointed out the damage to 7NEWS.

A few weeks after the incident, surveillance video surfaced from a neighboring business called Hersh Trucking.

While it's hard to make out, True says it shows the other guy crossing into oncoming traffic to get around him, slamming on his brakes and causing True to hit him.

"He stops his vehicle and causes me to collide into the rear end of the vehicle. He jumps out immediately and is telling me, 'You're going to jail. You're going to jail - hahaha. What are you going to do now?'"

The Ft. Collins city attorney reviewed the video and dropped the case against True. Police now plan to review the video and say it's possible the new evidence could result in charges for the other driver -- but that has not happened yet.

The other driver does have a drunk driving charge on his record, but 7NEWS is not releasing his name because he has not been charged yet in this case.

"They allowed the video to exonerate me, but not prosecute him," said True. "And it's the same video. He was endangering my life, his life and everyone in the area."

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