Former Cherry Hills Village employees file civil rights suit claiming sex discrimination, corruption

Three employees allege discrimination, corruption

Allegations of corruption and sexual discrimination have shaken up one of Colorado's wealthiest communities.
Three former Cherry Hills Village employees have filed a civil rights suit against the city and former police chief John Patterson, who is now the city manager.
Suzanne Rogers worked as a prosecutor in Cherry Hills Village, a tiny community where her caseload was mostly traffic complaints.
"I know why they fired me," said Rogers. "I was collateral damage and they wanted to shut me up like everyone else."
The federal lawsuit claims Rogers and then-acting police chief Jody Sansing were fired after they helped a former animal control officer, Michelle Edwardson, file a complaint against Patterson when he was the police chief.
The lawsuit claims Patterson frequently told Ewardson that "a man could do her job better" and that he "referred to females simply as skirts."
The lawsuit alleges the city covered up an investigation recommending Patterson be terminated.
"Not only did he not get fired, he got promoted from the chief of police to the city manager, so now he's over everybody," said Rogers.
In a statement, Cherry Hills Village denied the allegations, saying the city plans to vigorously defend itself against the lawsuit.
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