Witnesses: Anastasia Adair was handing assault rifle to husband when it fired, striking her in head

Police: Couple, friends were drinking in garage

FEDERAL HEIGHTS, Colo. - Witnesses tell police a Federal Heights woman was killed when the new assault rifle she was showing to friends accidentally fired on Tuesday night

Witnesses and the husband told police the group had been drinking in the garage of the couple's home at 10024 Elliot St. when 22-year-old Anastasia Adair, a new gun enthusiast, went upstairs to a bedroom to get her recently purchased assault rifle.

Anastasia was walking back down the stairs into the garage when she reached out to hand the rifle to her husband, Shane Adair, who was below her on the stairs. The gun fired, striking her in the head, two witnesses and the husband told police.

Shane Adair told police he's not sure if he touched the gun as his wife reached out to hand it to him, Federal Heights Police Lt. Gary Toldness said. The gun fired a second time as the wounded woman fell forward on the stairs and her husband caught her in his arms, but that shot didn't hit anyone, police said.

Anastasia was transported by ambulance to Denver Health Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead, Toldness said.

The incident occurred around 10:40 p.m. Tuesday.

The trajectory of the fatal shot appears consistent with witnesses' accounts of an accidental shooting, Federal Heights Police  Lt. Gary Toldness said. But he said that the investigation continues and it may take months to complete ballistics tests and analysis of the bullet trajectory.

Toldness said the couple had been firing the rifle the day before the fatal shooting and Shane Adair told investigators it had a light trigger pull. 

Anastasia Adair bought the assault rifle at the Tanner Gun Show in March, Toldness said. He didn't know the specific model, but said it looked like an AK-47-type rifle.

The couple and their friends were socializing in the garage, where their Harley Davidson motorcycles are parked, Toldness said. Shane Adair works as a tattoo artist.

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