Magpul Industries donates ammunition magazine sales to lawsuit to overturn Colorado gun-control laws

WELD COUNTY, Colo. - Magpul Industries Corp., a Colorado gun magazine manufacturer, is offering to donate the sale of some "limited edition" products to a lawsuit seeking to overturn a state law banning high-capacity magazines.

The Erie company, which employees 200 people, has vowed to leave Colorado after passage of the law, which prohibits the sale or transfer of ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. The law has a "grandfather" clause that allows someone who owns such high-capacity magazines before the law takes effect on July 1 to legally keep them.

A group of 54 Colorado sheriffs filed a federal lawsuit last month in an effort to overturn the gun magazine law and another law requiring universal background checks for gun buyers. The sheriffs say the laws are unconstitutional.

In a Monday post on its Facebook page, Magpul officials said, “With the upcoming ban on standard-capacity magazines in our home state of Colorado and the seemingly never ending assault on Citizens' freedoms nationwide, we are releasing a short-run quantity of these limited edition PMAGs [polymer magazines]. Proceeds from the sales of these PMAGs will go towards the legal battle against recent unconstitutional firearms legislation in CO and other firearms rights efforts nationwide in which Magpul is involved."

At about 11:30 p.m. Monday, Magpul posted on Facebook that it had quickly sold out of the "Limited Edition FREE COLORADO" magazines, which it was offering in five-packs for $64.75. But the company said it would continue the lawsuit fundraising as soon as it makes more of the magazines.

"We will fit in another run as soon as we can do so without affecting other production and post when we are ready to go again," Magpul said. "Thanks for your support. These magazines will directly help our continuing efforts to reverse the CO legislation, and the intent is that we will get a decision that will help matters in other states with similar infringements. We remain dedicated to the legal and political struggles that can and will make a difference in defending or restoring individual liberties in CO and across the nation, despite the fact that our ongoing relocation efforts are demanding a significant portion of our attention."

Magpul has not said where it will relocated, but posted Monday night, "Magpul Industries Corp. Move announcement coming soon...there's just a lot of things to nail down before we talk about it publicly. We've got a lot of things in motion though!"

Officials in several states, including Alaska, Alabama, West Virginia and Texas, are trying to woo Magpul to come to their state.

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