Blind students given a chance to drive

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - About a dozen blind teenagers were given the special opportunity to experience a rite of passage Thursday -- learning to drive.

The program, organized and donated by MasterDrive, took the students on a closed course in Englewood. Each student was paired with an instructor, and directed through basic stops and starts, turns and a slalom course.

"We've set up a couple different exercises that are all about feel, so they maximize the weight shifts in the car," explained instructor Spencer Pace. "They're really exercises they can get some success at."

"I got to let off the brake and get a little bit of speed and turn it to the right or the left and go straight and then I'd get more speed going and I would have to go all around to the right and left and try not to hit the cones," said Dylan Haslip, 19, a student who is originally from Missouri.

"Each student taking the course thinks it is the greatest thing in the world ever," Pace said.

"It was fantastic," said Haslip, while he was still sitting behind the wheel.

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