Vandals are trashing Christmas displays in Denver neighborhoods

Family has 4 inflatable decorations destroyed

DENVER - Christmas is under attack.

Knife-wielding vandals have again struck in north and west Denver, slashing holiday inflatable yard decorations like Frosty the Snowman.

Police say such "Bah, humbug!" antics never cease at this time of year.

Now residents in west Denver's Harvey Park neighborhood are on the lookout for Grinches who like to trash brilliantly lit outdoor displays.

For years, the Raeburn family's front yard has been filled with holiday inflatable favorites like the Abominable Snow Monster -- aka The Humble Bumble -- from the "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" TV Christmas special.

But the family shut down its display down recently after knife-wielding attackers deflated it.

"When my husband got to the front yard, he found that four of the large blow-up Christmas ornaments had been slashed by a knife," said Kelly Raeburn.

"It's something that he and my daughter have done every year, and he puts a lot of work into," she said. "We share a little bit of Christmas spirit, so he was very upset."

Wearing a bright red Santa hat and a sad face, the Raeburn's young daughter said: "I just think that they should know that it was one of my favorite parts of Christmas."

Herman Dinges just might be foremost expert on Christmas displays.

He's been lighting up the night sky in west Denver for 50 straight years. And he's been vandalized a time or two.

"They came right across the yard here and they just plowed right through it," Dinges said.

"I don't know how anybody can't find joy in this," Herman's wife said. "I mean, it's Jesus' birthday."

Said Herman, "I'm not mad at them. I feel sorry for them."

Police said residents should keep a sharp eye out and reported vandals or suspicious characters to 911.

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