2 Denver cops on desk duty during Aurora police investigation; 4 APD cops also under investigation

DENVER - Two Denver police officers are under investigation in Aurora after a tussle during a party at one of their homes and four Aurora officers are also under investigation over how they responded.

Denver police officers Steve Sloan and Jeremy Ownbey are reassigned to desk duty and cooperating with the investigation, Denver Police Department Spokesman Lt. Matt Murray confirmed. Murray said the officers and the department will cooperate fully with Aurora's investigation.

"Whatever they need, we'll do," Murray said.

Four Aurora officers are also under investigation for how they handled the case but remain on active duty, Aurora Police Department Spokesman Frank Fania said.

Fania explained the case reportedly began with Sloan, Ownbey and their wives sharing dinner and drinks in Sloan's home. During the party, the wives allegedly got into a physical altercation before the two officers also began to fight.

At some point, Sloan allegedly retrieved his gun. Fania said reports about what he did or said with the gun in hand are conflicting, but no shots were fired.

The Sloans called Aurora Police. When officers arrived, Ownbey was already gone.

While officers were looking for Ownbey, they visited his home and found children were inside without adult supervision, Fania said.

Eventually, Ownbey did eventually return and speak to officers. He was not given a roadside sobriety test but an Aurora officer did drive him home.

Fania said an internal investigation was opened almost immediately.

"We made a poor decision," he said.

So far, no official charges have been filed against Sloan, Ownbey, their wives or the Aurora officers. 

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