Two Denver police officers are being investigated for inappropriate conduct

DENVER - A Denver police officer has been removed from duty for having sex while he was supposed to be working, an anonymous source inside the police department told CALL7 Investigator Theresa Marchetta.

The department also confirmed a second officer is being disciplined in a case 7NEWS started investigating several months ago.

Department Spokesman Lt. Matt Murray told 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger that Officer Jairon Katz was facing allegations of inappropriate conduct, but wouldn't confirm if that conduct involved sex in a police vehicle. Katz was put on "administrative assignment," Murray said, meaning he's working and being paid but not on patrol duty.

Murray said someone came to police with the allegations.

"We launched an investigation last week into allegations of inappropriate behavior. Too early to tell any detail. As a result of that, he has been assigned to administrative duty," Murray said.

The other officer being investigated, Scott Kida, is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the victim of a domestic violence case he was assigned to investigate. Murray said Kida was suspended with pay on March 13 by the order of Chief Robert White.

Kida is required to be at home during work hours.

"We are aware of allegations of inappropriate behavior between Officer Kida and a domestic violence victim on a case he was investigating. We have concluded the investigation and it is now in the disciplinary phase," Murray said.

The woman in that case told 7NEWS that she was under the impression that the exchange with Kida would help move her case along.

The woman provided 7NEWS exclusive copies of a text message exchange with the officer.  After swapping a few messages, the sender labeled "Scott Cop" sent a message requesting a photo.

"Send me a pic so I know it's really you…" the message read.

Later in the same conversation, Kida appears to take the woman's side in the case.

"He is a liar...and you deserve better," a message said.

The woman later complimented the officer's physique.

"lol, Thanks :)," Kida responded, "Trust me… you are very noticeable too.. ;)"

In another message, Kida tells the woman to "Delete our text conversation when were [sic] done."

In total, the woman sent Kida six photos of herself. Kida sent her three photos, but only one of himself. He was sitting atop a motorcycle.

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