Signs warn restaurant diners water won't be served automatically

DENVER - Because of the drought, the Colorado Restaurant Association is asking its members to limit water use and post signs warning customers they must ask for water.

"Water with your meal? Please ask. By serving water only upon request, this restaurant is saving water during the drought," says the sign posted at Chef Zorba's in Denver.

"Use even less," the poster says in an orange square on the lower right corner, above Denver Water's logo.

Despite recent snowstorms, Denver Water cautions the snowpack in its watersheds is still below normal.

Even if this year's snowpack reaches normal peak levels, Denver Water reservoirs remain below normal after two years of drought.

At this point, said Denver Water spokeswoman Stacy Chesney, "It is too early to say how full our reservoirs are going to get."

"The good news is that folks don’t need to worry about watering until May -- at the earliest --because of the great snow we have been getting," Chesney said.

"At this point, we are still in Stage 2 drought," Chesney said. But officials are monitoring conditions closely and will update the public as conditions change.

"Serving water only upon request helps conserve not just the water in the glass, but also the water used to wash glassware and the energy consumed in washing and in making ice cubes," said Pete Meersman, President and CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association, in a written statement.

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