Passengers from two planes re-screened at DIA after accidental security breach in Reno

DENVER - After a security breach in Reno, passengers from two planes that landed in Denver Monday had to be re-screened at the request of the Transportation Security Administration, a spokesman with Denver International Airport said.

The passengers from the two flights, one operated United Airlines and the other Southwest Airlines, were put on buses after landing in Denver and taken directly to the terminal instead of being allowed into the concourse. There was also security agents on board the buses.

The passengers for whom Denver was their final destination were allowed to get their bags and go home.

Those who needed to make another flight were screened before being allowed back into the concourses.

KOLO 8, the ABC affiliate in Reno, reported that the security breach there involved two passengers who accidentally went the wrong way. All the passengers in the concourse at that airport had to be re-screened as well.

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