Operations 'Xterra Range' and 'Pig Pen' result in 33 drug arrests Thursday

3 other suspects remain fugitives

DENVER - After an investigation that lasted more than a year, two alleged drug trafficking organizations in Colorado were busted Thursday. Thirty-three people were arrested throughout the Front Range.

Five of those suspects were already in custody, but three other people remain fugitives.

The first organization was allegedly transporting large quantities of crystallized methamphetamine, according to FBI Assistant Special Agent In Charge Mike Rankin.

"They were dissolving the crystallized meth, transporting it in containers and then crystallizing that meth for further distribution," Rankin said, adding the system was "unique."

The methamphetamine, most of which was allegedly 90 percent pure, was trafficked from Mexico to Colorado through California.

In other related incidents, money or drugs were allegedly found in hidden compartments inside of vehicles.

In two federal indictments resulting from an operation nicknamed "Xterra Range," a total of 22 people were charged with cocaine and meth crimes.

In the methamphetamine indictment resulting from "Xterra Range," the following have been charged:

-Fernando Mendoza-Gomez

-Eliseo Avalos-Torres

-Pedro Lujano-Gonzalez

-Carlos Salcido-Garcia

-Ernesto Garcia

-Raul Mendoza-Lopez

-Santos Adolfo Funez

-Federico Lopez

-Jose Escalera-Garcia

-Ruri Escalera

-Quang Pham

-Bernardino Gamillo

-Roberto Trevino

-Justin Garcias-Salas

-Jamie Graham

-Martin Arizmendi-Moreno

-Ignacio Gomez-Rodriguez

In the cocaine indictment resulting from "Xterra Range," the following have been charged:

-Marco Ontiveros

-Pedro Lujano-Gonzalez

-Carlos Antillon-Fernandez

-Ernesto Garcia

-Jose Guadalupe Morales-Martinez

-Bernardino Gamillo

-Juan Sandoval

-Jesus Garcia-Salas

The other accused drug gang was busted by an operation known a "Pig Pen."

As a result of that work, 19 people were indicted for cocaine and crack cocaine trafficking.

In the “Pig Pen” indictment, the following defendants have been charged:

-Brandon Lee Brown

-Jerrica Allen

-Hubert Asberry

-Marcus Baker

-Brandon Dujuan Brown

-Crystal Butler

-Wesley Conner

-Rodney Delatorre Reyna

-Kent Hooks

-Stephanie Kirby

-Arturo Martinez

-Dusty Medeiros

-Jamila Powers

-Sorl Shead, Jr.

-Leon Simmons

-Richard Stephenson

-Arnell Stewart

-Julian Wheeler

-Leonard Wright

If convicted, most of the suspects could face ten or more years in federal prison and fines up to $4 million. They could also have to forfeit their property.

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