Murder, ID theft indictment handed down by Denver Grand Jury in 2011 'Ms. Puppy' case

DENVER - A grand jury in Denver has indicted a suspect accused of murdering two men in 2011 before allegedly stealing their car, identities and money.

Daryl L. Rasmussen is accused of killing 63-year-old Ronald Ford and 56-year-old Ramiro Sanchez in late January, 2011. He had lived with the two victims in their home in the 100 block of Stuart St. as a housekeeper and caregiver.

When the murders were first discovered, police announced they were searching for a suspect who reportedly liked to cross dress and use the nickname "Ms. Puppy."

Both of the victims were killed by blows to the head. Ford's body was found in the couple's home at 122 Stuart St. on Feb. 11, police said. Sanchez was found a week later, hidden under a stack of bags and other items in a basement packed floor-to-ceiling with stored belongings.

Rasmussen was previously charged with theft, identity theft and criminal impersonation in this case. Denver District Attorney Spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough says he was taken into custody in California, but the judge dismissed the case for lack of probable cause.

Kimbrough says the investigation continued and the case was presented to a Grand Jury in October. They decided to indict Rasmussen Wednesday on charges including first-degree murder, identity theft, aggravated motor vehicle theft, credit card fraud, conspiracy and pawnbroker act violation.

Rasmussen is in custody in Texas for a parole violation, Kimbrough said. He faces extradition to Colorado.

Kimbrough added that the indictment names four co-defendants accused of conspiracy in helping with the stolen car and other items.

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