Money-saving app company Ibotta is expanding in Denver

DENVER - A Denver startup that gives customers rebates for grocery shopping wants to hire 200 more people to keep up with their success.

Ibotta's 12 million users are asked to photograph their receipt, then answer questions or watch short videos. Within an hour, Ibotta provides the rebates through PayPal or a gift card.

"There's something very exciting about earning cash instantly right after you go shopping," Bryan Leach, Ibotta founder and CEO said. "We've grown to become the third-largest shopping app in the US."

The company launched in 2012, right here in Colorado.

"We are very passionate about being a Denver-based company. Our T-shirts say 'Made in Denver' on the back, we have mountains on our app, it says 'Built in Denver Colorado,'" Leach added.

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